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Decorative Carved Paulownia Wood Bowl

Decorative Carved Paulownia Wood Bowl

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Dimensions: W11.9" x D11.9" x H6" 

Exuding natural charm and rustic elegance, this handcrafted wooden bowl is a delightful addition to any space. Carved from a single piece of wood, it showcases intricate grain patterns and textures inherent to the material. The bowl’s irregular, organic shape adds to its uniqueness.

Crafted from natural wood, this bowl celebrates the beauty of organic materials. Its crescent-like form is visually appealing and functional, with hues ranging from light beige to deeper brown tones. The interior boasts a smooth finish, while the exterior highlights the raw, textured surface of the wood. Use it decoratively or as a vessel for dry items like potpourri, keys, or small trinkets.

Whether displayed on a shelf, coffee table, or kitchen counter, this wooden bowl brings a touch of nature indoors. 🌿🪶

Please note, the actual product measurements may slightly differ from the values provided, and color variations may occur from the images displayed."

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