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Handwoven Natural Fiber Wall Basket

Handwoven Natural Fiber Wall Basket

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Measurements: W16" x D16" x H1"

Description: Enrich your home's decor with the organic beauty and rustic charm of our Handwoven Natural Fiber Wall Basket. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, this wall basket boasts a harmonious blend of natural hues, creating an earthy palette that warms up any space. Its robust texture and depth add a tactile dimension to your wall art collection.

The basket features a sunburst pattern with concentric circles radiating from the center, creating a visually striking piece that draws the eye. The subtle interplay of colors and the natural gradient of the fibers highlight the impressive weaving techniques used to bring this piece to life.

Whether used as a standalone piece or as part of a gallery wall, this basket is sure to bring a sense of nature and craftsmanship to your living area, bedroom, or hallway. It's not just a basket; it's a statement of sustainable artistry and timeless design.

Disclaimer: Please note that due to the handmade nature of this product, the actual measurements may slightly differ from the values provided, and color variations may occur from the images displayed.

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