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Luxurious Gold Hammered Decorative Tray

Luxurious Gold Hammered Decorative Tray

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Measurements: W 12" x D 3" x H 1"

Description: Accentuate your home with the opulent charm of our Luxurious Gold Hammered Decorative Tray. This exquisite tray, finished in a radiant gold hue, boasts a finely hammered surface that beautifully reflects light, adding a touch of glamour to any space.

Perfect as a centerpiece for your coffee table or as an elegant organizer on your vanity, this tray is a versatile addition to your decor collection. The rich gold color provides a stunning contrast to the wood, metal, or glass surfaces, making it a standout piece that's sure to catch the eye.

Whether used to display candles, perfumes, or as a catch-all for your keys and mail, this decorative tray marries functionality with high-end design.

Disclaimer: Please note that this tray is not suitable for direct contact with food and that the actual color and texture may vary due to the nature of the material and lighting conditions, with dimensions that may slightly differ from the provided values.

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